Auckland Must Do Water Activities

 Auckland Must Do Water Activities

Auckland is surrounded by two beautiful harbours. The Manuaku harbour to the west and the Waitamata harbour on east coast.

Auckland also straddles the Auckland volcanic field, which has produced about 50 volcanoes. These take the form of cones, lakes, lagoons, islands and depressions, and several have produced extensive lava flows. On the west coast of Auckland you have the Manuku harbour which opens out into the Tasman sea and on the east coast the calmer Waitamata harbour opening into the South-Pacific ocean.


The total coastline of Auckland is 3,702 km in length and these two harbours are the cities playground. If you visit Auckland you must get out onto one of these harbours to explore its natural beauty.

We were brown and breed in Auckland so we feel we know a lot about the city.

Our pick of the ‘three must do Auckland water activities’.

1 # Sunset Sea Kayak to Rangitoto island. 

Paddle to Auckland’s youngest, largest and unspoilt volcano watch the sun set from the summit. The uniqueness for this tour has made it world famous.

2 # Jet Boating Auckland Harbour

Join Auckland Jet Boat tours on a fast, exciting spin on the harbour.

3 # Auckland Whale and Dolphin Safari

The Hauraki Gulf Marine Park is visited by a staggering one third of all the types of marine mammals found on earth. Leave from Auckland City to experience them.