Autumn in Auckland

Can you kayak in Autumn in Auckland? A common question which really matters in the kayak scene, is how is going to be the weather for my trip.

How is the autumn period in Auckland? Is there still the chance to go on a kayak trip? And if yes, how should I prepare myself for the tour?

First of all, YES we are operating throughout the autumn as well!

If you book a trip during these days here in Auckland you should say good bye to the illusion of rainy, windy and cold autumn days. Auckland is the warmest main centre of New Zealand and is also the sunniest area with maximum sunshine. This city sees all four seasons with no extremes of temperature.
Autumn starts at the first of March and lasts three months in total. Although this season is called “autumn”, there is no big difference between the conditions in the last days of summer and the first month in autumn. The regular high drops to 22°C in April and 17°C in May while the average low falls into 15°C. Furthermore there are still plenty of sunny days with no clouds which means a perfect day for paddling on the sea.

However, the temperature gets a bit milder compared to the first days in autumn we provide you with our specialist paddling gear which includes beside buoyancy aid also spray skirt, spray jacket and thermals which all protect you from getting cold as well as simply the active paddling during your kayak trip.

We operate the same tours with the same sea kayak guides and generally the conditions are calmer than spring or summer.

All in all autumn is not an excuse anymore to not doing a kayak trip in Auckland. We look forward to paddle together with you through the autumn season!


autumn sea kayaking in Auckland