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Environmental care code

Auckland Sea Kayaks Environmental care code Our operations plan incorporates all elements of the Environmental Care Code. This is seen throughout all our policies and procedures. You must leave the outdoors unblemished for the next visitor by:   Treating fauna and flora with care and respect.   Removing rubbish.   Keeping streams, lakes, and beaches…
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Sea birds

10 Facts about the Seabirds of the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park 1. The Hauraki Gulf Marine Park is a very important area for seabirds in New Zealand and the world. Over 70 (approximately 20%) of the world’s seabird species have been seen here! 2. 27 species are known to breed here with 5 species breeding…
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Must-Do in New Zealand

Must-Do in New Zealand: AA travel magazine  Auckland Sea Kayaks has been featured as one of the Must-Do in New Zealand.  101 Must-Do AA Travel "Kayaking at night feels daringly intrepid - as if we're secret agents on a covert mission. For the next hour we paddle towards the city;s twinkling lights under a sky pinpricked…
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