A Solo Circuit of Vancouver Island by Sea Kayak

A solo circuit of Vancouver island by sea kayak. Daniel our Operations Manager and Head Guide returned for his 5th season after escaping winter to paddle on the west coast of Canada. In 35 days he managed to paddle 1,225km around Vancouver Island solo carrying all of his food and gear.

What motivated YOU?

For the adventure! To explore by kayak wild, remote and unspoilt wilderness. To see bears, whales, sea otters and many more in their natural environment before we erode it any further! To balance my selfishness I felt compelled to use this adventure to raise awareness of climate change and its effects on this remote wilderness. 

How did you feel on completing the expedition?

It was a big moment of anti climax!! As I landed my kayak “Genie” onto the beach at Mill Bay Marina I was greeted like most of my landing spots by nobody. Only this time instead of wilderness and wildlife I was surrounded by a carpark, building and people going about their business. 

Unbeknown to them I just achieved an epic dream. I smiled and chuckled to myself, it reminded me of the saying “todays news, tomorrow’s fish and chip paper”

Some Highlights:

  • Seeing whales, sea otters, seals and eagles daily!
  • Meeting so many friendly, warm and helpful people all the way around
  • Paddling the West Coast of Vancouver Island, incredible scenery, wildlife and an abundance of amazing beaches to camp on

  • Pushing my mind and body beyond previous limits

Some Lowlights:

  • Not having someone to share some moments of bliss and awe with.
  • Seeing plastic pollution on every single beach including the most inaccessible of beaches
  • Sore legs!! My legs were so tight and sore after a few weeks, I had to stop every couple hours to stretch, sometimes that wasn’t possible 🙁
  • Having to return, I could have easily kept going around and around and around!

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