Daniel’s latest update: Inside Passage Expedition

I recently took 3 days off work and drove 4 hours north of Auckland to explore the Cavalli Islands. I had been wanting to kayak these islands for over a year since my boss Nic had mentioned them. 

A group of islands with a lot of history. The first people to settle on these islands were the Maori people. At times up to 1,000 people lived on the islands. They lived off the rich soil which helped grow Kumara, Taro amongst other things and the abundance of sea food around its dynamic shorelines.
Eventually the islands were sold to new settlers from the UK and farmed up to the mid 20th century.
Today its a reserve and managed by DOC with one hut that sleeps up to 12 people.

It’s a sea kayaker’s dream and one of the most beautiful places I have visited in NZ. One day I hope to return and share this place with others, be it clients, friends or the special one!

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