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Environmental care code

Auckland Sea Kayaks Environmental care code

Our operations plan incorporates all elements of the Environmental Care Code. This is seen throughout all our policies and procedures.

You must leave the outdoors unblemished for the next visitor by:  

  • Treating fauna and flora with care and respect.  
  • Removing rubbish.  
  • Keeping streams, lakes, and beaches clean by washing well away from the water source, and draining used water into the soil to filter it.  
  • Providing toilet facilities on overnight trips and briefing clients on hygienic toileting and sanitary disposal.  
  • Camping carefully, leaving no trace of your visit.  
  • Keeping to tracks, lessening the chance of damaging fragile plants.  Considering other visitors who also have a right to enjoy the environment.  
  • Respecting our cultural heritage, treating places with spiritual and historical significance with respect, and protecting such areas from damage by the public.
  • Conserve resources by doing our best to minimize water and energy use.
  • Manage waste. Reduce, recycle, and be prepared when away from base.

Keep New Zealand’s lakes, rivers, wetlands and ocean beautiful by abiding by the Environmental care code.

New Zealand’s lakes, rivers, wetlands, and coast are places of enjoyment for most of us. However, growing use of these areas has led to an increase in unsightly and dangerous rubbish, erosion, and the spread of plant and animal pests and disease.

As our use of these places has increased, the life within them has often diminished. These problems severely threaten water quality and with it our health and safety, the survival of plants and animals, and our enjoyment of this heritage.

Help us protect lakes, rivers, wetlands, beaches and the ocean by following these guidelines on your visit.



The first Hine Moana young women's programme set off this morning in beautiful calm paddling conditions. They will spend 2.5 days exploring the waterways if the Mahurangi region, with an exciting talk from @redznzjourney tomorrow afternoon. Then @nz_sailingtrust will sail up and collect the rangatahi and they learn to sail the famous yacht safely back to Tamaki Makaurau, Auckland. They were excited and we can't wait to hear the stories at the end of the week @dukeofednz @visitauckland
Wētāpunga - Out paddling in the Hauraki Gulf we spotted a  beautiful Wētāpunga on one of the off shore pest free islands . Adult wētāpunga are the heaviest insects on the  planet, heavier than an average house sparrow. #stilllearning
#wetapunga #outdooreducation #eotc
Another great event organized by @emr_nz at Taumanu Reserve, Onehunga. Participants learned about local wildlife and conservation projects. We explored mangroves and what makes this harbour so special. Thanks EMR for including us 📷by EMR with @backcountryweb doing his thing
Kayak instruction with a different view today. Westhaven beach is right in the heart of Auckland and has a unique view looking back over the city and sky tower. The water is nearly always flat and you can paddle right under the harbour bridge for a bit of excitement @visitauckland
Just arrived at Motuora island which is our home for the night. We are out with a local high school exploring their local area.  It was a fun down wind paddle from the mainland with loads of waves to surf #outdooreducation  #doc @visitauckland
Teaching people about how wonderful the Tamaki estuary is. Thanks @emr_nz for having us along
Skills training before next week's multiday trip with Mahurangi College. @burto1 you legend!
It's just Autumn in Auckland today #rangitoto here we come @visitauckland
Finishing the day with an epic sunset from Motuihe island. We are staying here for a multi day trip with a local high school. Amazing place to stay with kiwi, tautara to name a few 📸superguideeric
Sun's out, guns out. Stunning weather for three days of exploring the Cavalli islands in the tropical far north.