Kayak rental

Auckland Sea Kayaks are Auckland's sea kayak touring specialists and have a wide range of sea kayaks in our rental fleet. 

Minimum hire period is per the day. For hourly rentals we recommend Mission Bay Watersports see http://missionbaywatersports.co.nz/ 

We only rent to competent kayakers. We recommend attending a skills course

Our local knowledge, experience and equipment will help you plan a successful paddling trip or expedition.

There are more than 50 islands in the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park, many of which are administered by the Department of Conservation. Some are good-sized islands, others are no more than rocks jutting out of the sea. 

Our rental kayak fleet include the following:

Q-Kayaks Southern Endeavour 

This is the perfect kayak for day and two day sea kayak rentals. Its length, combined with a wider beam, allows for excellent stability and positive forward speed. This kayak is fitted with all our latest paddle rescue fitting, stainless steel towing bar and molded in paddle holders at the front of each cockpit.

Length: 560 cm, Volume (total): 695 L

Day Sea Kayak tour to Rangitoto island

Mission kayaking Eco NIIZH 565 

With plenty of storage for both paddlers, a hydrodynamic rudder system, plus a large central storage pod for any extras required this boat is in a league of its own. Great stable boats and perfect for our rental fleet.

Length O/A 565 cm, Max Load 250 kg, 
STORAGE SPACE Front hatch, 45 L, Center hatch, 96 L, Rear hatch 60 L

ECO NIIZH 565 Aucklannd Sea Kayaks

Paddling Perfection SeaBear II Packhorse 

The Packhorse has a large central hatch, as well as bow and stern storage = giving it the maximum storage in its class; perfect for extended expeditions along the coast, as a duo or part of an exploration group.

Length O/A: 6.0m Load Capacity: 290kg Total storage: 396 L

Paddling Perfection Sea Beer Auckland Sea Kayaks

Q-Kayaks Skua 

Designed for expeditions where distances are to be covered in varying sea conditions. The Skua has a low deck profile enabling it to perform extremely well in windy conditions, while its longer hull gives it greater speed and allows it to respond in a following sea to surf the waves.

Volume: 355 Litres (Front 75L, Rear 75L, Centre Compartment 45L, Cockpit 160L)

Q-Kayaks Shearwater 

How do you improve on a true winner? Only change what is necessary. Using the Penguin sea kayak hull, a new modern deck on the 'Shearwater' allows more leg and foot room. Combined with a new seat and padded backrest, the Shearwater offers maximum comfort for all day paddling.

Volume: 333 Litres (Front 52L, Rear 91L, Cockpit 190L)

Q-Kayaks Tasman Express 

The Tasman Express is an exceptional performance sea kayak. At 5.3 metres long, this sleek looking craft has been designed to maintain a good forward speed, especially when loaded up with gear. Its low profile and flared bow enables this kayak to perform extremely well in adverse or windy conditions. An aerodynamic rudder blade is fitted to prevent drag and increase forward speed and turning performance.

Volume: 3380 Litres (Front 75L, Rear 986L, Cockpit 180L)

Tasman Express Auckland Sea Kayaks

Paddling Perfection Euro-X 

The Euro-X is a single-seater kayak with a straight design that makes it fast and sleek – great for day trips or possibly a weekend. Its double chines and obvious keel provide excellent handling in a variety of water situations. With two storage compartments, the Euro-X is ideal for overnight camping, and even when fully loaded it can handle waves and rough water easily.

Length O/A: 5.4m Load capacity: 110kg Total storage: 215 L

Paddling perfection euro x

All rentals include the following:

  • A comprehensive kayak briefing before your kayak trip starts.
  • Kayak safety briefing along with expected weather and sea conditions in the Hauraki Gulf and Waitemata Harbor

 We only rent kayaks to people who have kayaked before and have strict operating areas were you can go. If you are found to break our policy's then you may forfeit your bond. Credit card numbers are required for security. 

Hire rates 

Rates  Day rental Extra days
Double Sea Kayak $140 $120
Single Sea Kayak $90 $60

Camping gear hire rate

  One night Extra night
Tent (2 person) $45 $15
Sleeping Mat (¾) $15 $5
Sleeping Bag $40 $15
Camping cooking set $30 $10

NOTE: We are based in central Auckland, not on the beach. You will need to transport the boats to the water on your own or there is a $50 beach fee. If you want to rent a kayak with no beach transport fee then we recommend Mission Bay Watersports 

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