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Kayaking around Auckland and the Hauraki Gulf – Safety equipment that is recommended, Part Two

Be seen – make yourself safer by ensuring you are visible to other marine craft. A combination of colour, contrast and movement will maximise your visibility.   I would recommend having a your paddle jacket that is a different colour to your kayak, personal flotation device (PFD) and paddle blades. The more bright colours the better.

Paddle float – A paddle float is used to re-entry into a kayak after a capsize in the open water when you were unable to eskimo roll. I use a NRS paddle float, it works very well and is affordable.

Kayak bilge pump – For times when water gets into your kayak, a bilge pump is the only answer for a quick, dry kayak that will be easy to paddle even after being completely full of water. I would recommend the Beckson Pump as it floats and can move a lot of water in a short period of time.

Spare warm clothing – like any outdoor activity you should always carry spear warm clothing and store it in a dry bag.

Tow rope – this is length of rope that can be used to tow a kayak or swimmer to safety. Typically a tow rope is attached to a tow harness and the other end is hooked to the victim’s boat. The tow rope may be in the form of a throw rope or pigtail.



Skills training before next week's multiday trip with Mahurangi College. @burto1 you legend!
It's just Autumn in Auckland today #rangitoto here we come @visitauckland
Finishing the day with an epic sunset from Motuihe island. We are staying here for a multi day trip with a local high school. Amazing place to stay with kiwi, tautara to name a few 📸superguideeric
Sun's out, guns out. Stunning weather for three days of exploring the Cavalli islands in the tropical far north.
Great paddle past the Candy Cane tower (Mackenzie bay light house) while heading to Rangitoto Island. Stunning paddle with a great group of local high school students  @visitauckland
So nice to float up Williams stream in Parau on the Manukau harbor @visitauckland  thanks to @emr_nz for another amazing event
Motukorea /Browns island twilight tour. Stunning evening with a group of local friends @visitauckland @purenewzealand
Amazing adventures with a Duke of Edinburgh group last weekend. We explored loads of sea caves, learnt about sustainable journeys and the 7 steps of leave no trace @dukeofednz
Stunning morning with flat water as we got set up for another @emr_nz day. Loads of locals learning about how amazing Lake Rototoa is. For those that don't about this amazing sand dune fresh water lake which is located at the northern end of the south head of the Kaipara Harbour should go and check it out. Or even better wait until EMR runs another of their legendary experience days @visitauckland
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