Safety equipment p2

Kayaking around Auckland and the Hauraki Gulf – Safety equipment that is recommended, Part Two

Be seen – make yourself safer by ensuring you are visible to other marine craft. A combination of colour, contrast and movement will maximise your visibility.   I would recommend having a your paddle jacket that is a different colour to your kayak, personal flotation device (PFD) and paddle blades. The more bright colours the better.

Paddle float – A paddle float is used to re-entry into a kayak after a capsize in the open water when you were unable to eskimo roll. I use a NRS paddle float, it works very well and is affordable.

Kayak bilge pump – For times when water gets into your kayak, a bilge pump is the only answer for a quick, dry kayak that will be easy to paddle even after being completely full of water. I would recommend the Beckson Pump as it floats and can move a lot of water in a short period of time.

Spare warm clothing – like any outdoor activity you should always carry spear warm clothing and store it in a dry bag.

Tow rope – this is length of rope that can be used to tow a kayak or swimmer to safety. Typically a tow rope is attached to a tow harness and the other end is hooked to the victim’s boat. The tow rope may be in the form of a throw rope or pigtail.