Safety equipment

Kayaking around Auckland and the Hauraki Gulf – Safety equipment that is recommended, Part One

Kayaking with VHF Radio – When kayaking in the Hauraki gulf it is advised to carry a waterproof VHF radio. I would recommend a Uniden MHSO50 as it is submersible, simple to use and floats. The limitation of this radio is that its maximum transmit power is 2.5W which is fine for the inner gulf and line of sight, however may need more power if you plan to head right out.

Cell phone with water proof casing – A cell phone is great to text your mates to tell them how much of a great time you are having while they  are in the office and to call the wife saying you will be late as you are waiting for the wind to drop. At all times your phone must be water tight. I would recommend either a Pelican case or Otter box. These great companies make gear that works, lasts and are near bullet proof.

Flares – When you’re out on the water, flares are a good means of communicating distress if the trip goes badly wrong. Flares are pyrotechnic devices that come in three types – parachute flares, which ignite after a rocket has carried them skyward; handheld flares, which create an intense bright red flame; and smoke flares, which have a plume of orange smoke that is highly visible from a searching aircraft. I would recommend for sea kayaking the Pains Wessex dinghy marine distress flare pack.  This pack comes in a nice water proof container and three red pinpoint flares. Remember check the expire date on a regular basis.