Sea Kayak guide profile: Andy Ferrer

Sea Kayak guide profile: Andy Ferrer

I am Andy Ferrer and I have been Sea kayaking since 2003, I spent many years paddling in the waters of the Gulf Stream that runs along the West Coast of the U.K, mainly around the Isle of Man and also the West Coast of Scotland. This is a great place to paddle; it’s a “super highway” for marine life. I paddled with Basking Sharks – some up to 10metres, pods of Dolphins, Minke Whales, groups of Seals and all types of Seabirds. Before this I first started to paddle and building kayaks while in Scouts and spent time on the lakes in Northern England.

I have since moved from the Isle of Man to Auckland, New Zealand and now I have been paddling around the blue waters of the Hauraki Gulf.

When not paddling, I enjoy Trail running and cycling, these sports have taken me to the Isle of Man, U.K, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and New Zealand. I am also a Personal Fitness Trainer and a Club Leader with Canoe and Kayak.

I am really excited as this is my 3rd season with Auckland Sea Kayaks and it’s going to be another great summer here in Auckland.

Andy Ferrer sea kayak guide