Sea Kayak to Great Barrier Island

Sea Kayak to Great Barrier Island

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Kayaking to Great Barrier Island had been a dream of mine for 5 weeks. A few key elements had to be lined up in order for this solo sea kayak trip to work

  • Needed to be 15 knots of South-West wind
  • Had to be a Tuesday to fit in with the Great Barrier Port Fitzroy Ferry
  • Needed to get to the ferry by 17.30
  • Being fit was a requirement
  • Had to stay the night at launch location

Solo kayaking for a long distance is something I was not use to and was a little scared of my own company. Turned out to be very enjoyable.

Facts of the trip

  • Kayaked a distance of 38 nautical miles (70km)
  • Started at Sandspit and finished at Port Fitzroy, Great Barrier
  • Actual wind Southerly
  • Started at 6.10am and arrived at 3.30pm (9hr 20min)

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