Sea Kayak to Motuihe Island

Sea Kayak to Motuihe Island


Browns / Motukorea on the way and Motutapu and Rangitoto on the way home

Recently I was fortunate enough to guide one of our exceptional 2 day Sea Kayak tours.

This is the only tour of its kind in New Zealand where you paddle to and from 5 very different islands, with very different flora and fauna and so very geologically different.  to; Browns Island / Motukorea, Motuihe, Motutapu and Rangitoto.

Everything is supplied with no previous paddle experience necessary.

One lady on the tour has her own Blog and this is her thoughts and experience of the tour. Read and Enjoy.

Her closing thoughts sum up the trip

‘Only one word does it really: awesome!  Awesome harbour, awesome team (and especially our camp leader) and oh my, awesome (in a hushed, awed sort of way) Kiwi.  Can’t wait for option B, the sunset paddle to Rangitoto.  The city always looks better across the water. Thanks Nic.’