Staff adventures: Sea Kayak the Inside Passage

Daniel O’Connor is a sea kayaker, instructor, guide / operations manager at Auckland Sea Kayaks, traveler and engineer (in my past life). In June 2019 he will sea kayak some 1,000 miles from Vancouver to Skagway, Alaska solo along the Inside Passage.

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The purpose is to live a simpler life, connect with ancient wildlife and take the time to work out what’s important in my future. Whilst I wish to disconnect on one hand, I also wish to connect with nature, locals, first nations people and learn about their way of life past and present.

In connection with my expedition I would like to raise awareness of the human impact on our environment, in particular plastic. I have a passion for educating others, with a strong focus on the environment. I would like to take this further by documenting our human impact in a wilderness environment. Through photos and video I wish to use this expedition as an education tool.

Sea kayaking is a sustainable and peaceful way to travel and explore where larger boats can’t access. Which will allow me to get closer and see the local impacts which others don’t see.My aim is to make this expedition single use plastic free.

To further reduce the trace of this expedition I plan to use borrowed, 2nd hand, repaired and re-purposed equipment. If new I plan to use the best designed products for their durability, function and environmentally sustainable qualities.