Weather website for sea kayaking

Weather website for sea kayaking. Sea Kayaking in Auckland weather predictions

Kayaking in Auckland this summer has been quite hard due the inaccurate weather forecasting that we have had. It has been forecast for high winds and they turn out to be low and they are predicted to be low and they blow through.

I am kayaking around Auckland nearly every day and look at the weather forecasts every 6 hours. So I have my own system to predicting the weather.

Auckland Sea Kayaks uses the following weather sites; is government run so I feel is slightly conservative. is good, gives overall picture but no detail need to work out for your selves. can see when fronts and rolling in

I also use VHF channel  21 as this has ‘Now Casting’ which informs us the wind conditions at certain locations on the Hauraki Gulf.

So I go to these three sites and study what they predict the weather to be. From here I take it down the middle of these sites and that is generally the weather that is seen on the Hauraki gulf.