About Your Guides
We employ guides who, like us, are professionally experienced sea kayakers with a personal commitment and passion for conservation and kayaking. Irrespective of their own experience, new guides undergo a detailed training programme specific to the Hauraki Gulf conditions. As paddlers who love the ocean, we are at our best when we are in a sea kayak sharing with others our skills, experience, knowledge, passion and commitment. Click to meet your guides.

About our Safety Standards
The safety and well-being of our staff, clients and the environment in which we operate is fundamental to our business. We are members of the Sea Kayak Operators Association of New Zealand (SKOANZ); and strictly comply with their Code of Practice and Operating Procedures. We operate with Department of Conservation concessions and Auckland Council permits, and are also active members of the Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand. In tandem with this, we also work closely with regional environmental organisations.

About our Environmental Stance
Auckland Sea Kayaks is an inherently environmentally friendly business, taking advantage of the Hauraki Gulf’s natural wonder. The philosophy of the company is based around protecting, enhancing and educating our guests about our environment. We have the opportunity to educate our guests, both domestic and international, about the uniqueness of the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park and how making this a protected marine environment has made a positive change on the area.

About Our Equipment
Our kayaks are made in New Zealand specifically for New Zealand conditions. Our equipment for kayaking and camping is purchased, maintained and replaced with an ongoing assessment of its condition.

About our Company
Auckland Sea Kayaks is owned and operated by Nic Mead. Nic was born in Auckland, had his 1st birthday on Motuihe Island and went to high school overlooking the Hauraki Gulf.

University took him to the South Island and after completing his degree at Lincoln University, he found himself guiding multi day sea kayaking trips in Fiordland, south-west New Zealand. His passion for kayaking and exploring new places took Nic to Norway, in particular the Western Norwegian Fjords, where he worked as a guide and then as operations manager for 10 years.

Nic loves being at home in Auckland, and after exploring the world now understands why Auckland is the world’s most unique kayaking location.

Nic is a current board member for Sea Kayak Operators Association of New Zealand, (SKOANZ) and is very active in the new Adventure Activity Regulations which was rolled out in 2014 by WorkSafe NZ. He also holds an Inshore Launch Masters qualification, is a qualified Coast Guard Boating Education teacher, guest lectures at Tertiary Education level and can be seen out in a sea kayak most days of the week. Nic is passionate about the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park and the various conservation projects that are happening around the Gulf.

“Auckland Sea Kayaks owner-operator Nic Mead is an unofficial custodian of the Waitemata Harbour. The environment-conscious kayaker grew up overlooking the waters he now paddles daily, sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm while leading one of Auckland’s most rewarding outdoor experiences: the sunset trip to Rangitoto Island.” – Chris Chilton, Sunday Star Times.