The Duke of Edinburgh Award

Auckland Sea Kayaks works with the The Duke of Edinburgh Award delivering, developing and monitoring young adults through this personal and individual challenge.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award introduces young people to exciting, positive, challenging and enjoyable things to do in their free time. Sea Kayaking is a great way to fulfill the requirements for the expeditions and we have worked with many schools to achieve this in a friendly, safe and professional manner. We do this by allowing the participants the freedom to achieve their goals in a safe and monitored fashion.

Auckland Sea Kayaks Duke of Edinburgh award

Specializing in Adventurous Journeys.

The aim of the adventurous journey is to encourage a spirit of adventure and discovery. Our aim of this aspect of the DOE award is to encourage young people to develop an awareness of the environment and the importance of protecting it. Adventurous Journeys with Auckland Sea Kayaks is done in Sea Kayaks.


All participants are required to plan, train for and undertake in small groups (4-7 people plus an assessor/shadow party), a journey which should involve travel by personal effort with a clearly defined purpose. This should be completed in the following order:

Training – all participants need to cover the preliminary training. 

Practice Journey – all participants need to undertake the appropriate number of practice journeys

Qualifying Journey –

Duration2 days 1 night3 days 2 night4 days 3 night

Expeditions can be put together for a minimum of 6 participants. 

Our guides are very experienced and skilled sea kayakers with a personal commitment and passion for conservation and kayaking. Their knowledge of the area, understanding of the weather systems, educational training and knowing the requirements for this award will make your journey enjoyable and safe. 

Silver / Gold Practice and (Silver Qualifying only) 3 days, 2 nights

 Cost per person: $405. Minimum of 6 per trip.

2019 September 30th – October 2nd Practice  / Qualifying Journey – Auckland.  BOOK HERE

2019 December 16th – 18th Practice  / Qualifying Journey – Auckland.  BOOK HERE

2020 April 14th – 16th Practice / Qualifying Journey – Auckland. BOOK HERE

Gold expedition (Practice and Qualifying) 4 days, 3 nights

 Cost per person: $540 minimum of 6 per trip.

2019 October 7th – 10th Qualifying Journey – Auckland. BOOK HERE

2020 April 20th – 23rd Qualifying Journey – Auckland. BOOK HERE

Sea Kayaking Skills Training  3-4 hours

Cost per person: $85 minimum of 4 BOOK HERE