The Duke of Edinburgh Award | Kayaking

 Auckland Sea Kayaks works with the The Duke of Edinburgh Award delivering, developing and monitoring young adults through this personal and individual challenge.

We specialize in the training and implementation of the adventurous journey and have been part of the successful completion of the Duke of Edinburgh adventurous  journey for over 1000 students.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award introduces young people to exciting, positive, challenging and enjoyable things to do in their free time. Sea Kayaking is a great way to fulfill the requirements for the expeditions and we have worked with many schools to achieve this in a friendly, safe and professional manner. We do this by allowing the participants the freedom to achieve their goals in a safe and monitored fashion.

Duke of Edinburgh Award Auckland New Zealand with Auckland Sea Kayaks

Specializing in The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award Adventurous Journeys.

Auckland Sea Kayaks is an accredited provider of the Adventurous Journey section of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award.

The aim of the adventurous journey is to encourage a spirit of adventure and discovery. Our aim of this aspect of the DOE award is to encourage young people to develop an awareness of the environment and the importance of protecting it. Adventurous Journeys with Auckland Sea Kayaks is done in Sea Kayaks.

All participants are required to plan, train for and undertake in small groups (4-7 people plus an assessor/shadow party), a journey which should involve travel by personal effort with a clearly defined purpose. This should be completed in the following order:

Training – all participants need to cover the preliminary training. 

Practice Journey – all participants need to undertake the appropriate number of practice journeys

Duration2 days 1 night2.5 days 2 night3 days 2 night
Activity    6 hrs per day  7 hrs per day      8 hrs per day  

Qualifying Journey – The skills and knowledge learnt from training and practice journey, the students will then plan and execute their own expedition under the guidance of one of our experienced instructors.

Duration2 days 1 night3 days 2 night4 days 3 night
Activity         6 hrs per day   7 hrs per day  8 hrs per day  

Expeditions can be put together for a minimum of 4-6 participants depending on location and our availability.

Our instructors are very experienced and skilled sea kayakers with a personal commitment and passion for conservation and kayaking. Their knowledge of the area, understanding of the weather systems, educational training and knowing the requirements for this award will make your journey enjoyable and safe. 

Sea Kayaking Skills Training  3-4 hours

Training will take place on the morning of Day 1 of your expedition unless otherwise stated.

There is the option of doing a separate Sea Kayaking Skills Training course  (3-4 hours) prior to the practice expedition. Contact Daniel on to arrange this. Min. 4 persons Cost $95 pp


Planning 7 P’s

Proper Planning and Preperation Prevents Particularly Poor Performance.

All great and small expeditions require planning and preparations to help set them up for success.

Join us for a pre-expedition planning meeting to discuss the following:
-Route planning
-Sea Kayaking skills course
-What to bring
-Meal Planning
-How to pack a kayak
-Leave No Trace

Cost: $25 per person. Mandatory for all our expeditions. If you can’t make it in person we will setup a video link. In person is preferred to gain the most benefit from the meeting.

Silver (Practice or Qualifying) / Gold (Practice only) Journey 3 day / 2 night



Planning Meeting Monday 21st of September - Auckland. Included in journey

Monday 28th - Wednesday 30th of September - Auckland. BOOK HERE

Wednesday 7th - Saturday 9th of October - Auckland. BOOK HERE

Planning Meeting Monday 7th of December - Auckland. Included in journey
Monday 14th - Wednesday 16th of December - Auckland. BOOK HERE



Planning Meeting Monday 12th of April - Auckland. Included in journey
Monday 19th - Wednesday 21st of April- Auckland. BOOK HERE
Thursday 22nd - Saturday 24th of April - Auckland. BOOK HERE

$415 per person.


Gold (Qualifying or Practice) Journey 4 day / 3 night
Planning Meeting Monday 12th of April - Auckland. Included in journey

Monday 26th - Wednesday 28th of April 2021 - Auckland. BOOK HERE

$555 per person.


Silver Training, Practice and Qualifying Journey 5 day / 4 night
Planning Meeting Monday 11th of January - Auckland. Included in journey
Monday 18th to Friday 22nd of January 2021 - Auckland. BOOK HERE

4 nights, 5 days. Completion of all the requirements for Silver (Training, Practice and Qualifying)


Gold Training, Practice and Qualifying Journey 7 day / 6 night
Planning Meeting Monday 11th of January - Auckland. Included in journey
Monday 18th to Sunday 24th of January 2021 - Auckland. BOOK HERE

6 nights, 7 days. Completion of all the requirements for Gold practice and qualifying

$895 per person.


Minimum numbers apply. We require a minimum of 4-6 students to run an expedition.

Location will be determined in the days leading upto the expedition based the weather forecast.

We generally run expeditions out of Mahurangi Regional Park, Waitawa Regional Park and  Inner Gulf island of Motutapu/Motuihe.

However, we have the expertise to run custom journeys anywhere in the Hauraki Gulf including Great Barrier Island or Coromandel Peninsula, Bay of Island, Abel Tasman, Marlborough Sounds, Fiordland or overseas such as Fiji, Australia, Canada, Norway.

If you have a group of 4- 6 or more or can’t find what you need on the booking dates below, we can create private events which cater to your needs.

Gear considerations for the trip

Avoid cotton, particularly cotton paddling clothes. Cotton tends to absorb water and then stay wet drawing heat away from the body, taking 5x longer to dry than synthetic materials.

Try and bring synthetics, polypro, fleece, merino wool, regular wool, etc.

Pack efficiently but keep warm. Kayakers have two full outfits, one “dry” and one “wet”, so you always have something warm and dry for camp.

Auckland Sea Kayaks provide you with all the specialist paddling gear including buoyancy aid, spray skirt, spray jacket and a dry bags for your gear.Personal gear to bring:

o Swimsuit

o Water shoes. An old pair of trainers can be used

o Camp shoes. Normal trainers. avoid jandals/slides

o Pack towel

o Shorts for kayaking in

o Sun cap

o Wool / synthetic hat

o Rainwear (jacket and pants)

o Jacket (for insulation)

o Pants synthetic (for insulation)

o T-shirts X 3 (at least one synthetic / smartwool for paddling in)

o Enough sports bras / underwear

o 1 pair shoes for around camp (runners are good)

o 2-3 pair socks

o Toiletries

o Personal medication

o Sunglasses / small sunscreen / lip balm with SPF

o 2 x 1.5 L water bottle

o Camera (we provide dry bags)

o Notebook / reading book

o Headlamp or flashlight and extra batteries

o Shelter: Tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat

o Kitchen: Stove, pot/pan, cutlery,plate,bowl, cup stove gas,

o Food: 2 x breakfast, 3 x lunch, 2 x dinner, snacks

How to pack a kayak:

The beauty of sea kayaking is they have a lot of space to carry whatever you like.

In fact the sea kayaks we use could be packed with enough food and gear for at least a 30 day expedition!

So how do we do it?

Follow the ABC’s

A =Accessibility. Pack what you may need during the day with you in the cockpit or make it the last thing you pack into the hatches.

B = Balance. Heavy things to the middle and bottom. Light things like tents to the ends and on top.

C = Compression. Squeeze those dry bags!! Make small and multiple packages to make it easier to fit in the awkward shaped kayak. Ensure all air is out of dry bags and they are packed tightly – no spaces!

D = Dry. Ensure what needs to stay dry like a sleeping bag is in a dry system (dry bags, bin liners) and if it’s already in a dry system like a can or bottle then it doesn’t need to go in another dry system

E = Everything Inside. We don’t pack anything other than essential safety equipment, maps and perhaps a water bottle on the outside as you risk losing it or it making life difficult when the wind picks up!

F = Food and Fuel. Pack your fuel in a separate hatch to the food just incase  it leaks!

If you do not have your own camping equipment then Auckland Sea Kayaks has high quality camping equipment for rent

…………………………………One night – Extra night
Tent (2 person)                   $25                 $10
Sleeping Mat (¾)                $15                 $5
Sleeping Bag                       $20                $5
Camping cooking set        $20                $5