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Summer season has started

Auckland Sea Kayaks Summer season 2017 / 18 Summer has started. Yes, our season is underway and and we had a small glimmer of sun and flat season last Saturday and Sunday.  Jono (one of our returning guides) took a good numbered tour out to one of the volcanic islands. It was a slight change…
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repaint a kayak

Repaint a kayak.  Auckland Sea Kayaks has 4 x Sea Bear Two Park Horse sea kayaks and wanted to repaint them. We purchased these boats many years ago and they still have a lots of life left in them however they where looking tired from tough tour usage. Instead of getting rid of them we…
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Kiwi in the Hunua Ranges

Yes, its true. Kiwi's were released in the Hunua ranges last Friday. 5 young brown kiwi where released and its down to the hard pest control work that has been protecting the kokako over the last 20 years which will now also benefit the Kiwis in Hunua as well. Kiwi were last recorded in the Hunuas…
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Saddleback on Rangitoto

Saddleback now found on Rangitoto Island Rangitoto and Motutapu were officially declared pest free on 27 August 2011 and this has allowed the Saddleback return to these amazing islands.  North Island Saddleback are conspicuous and easily observed in regenerating scrub, forests and coastal forests. They call frequently, particularly in response to disturbance, and are very…
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Argentine ants gone

Argentine ants gone After 16 years of work by Department of Conservation staff and volunteers the Argentine ant has been eradicated from Tiritiri Matangi Island and very close to eradicating on Rangitoto.  The insects are extremely difficult to eradicate, and the successful operation follows development of innovative bait and detection methods. Conservation Minister Maggie Barry…
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Sea Kayaking on Waiheke Island: In the news

We've known for quite some time that Sea Kayaking on Waiheke Island  is the very best way to explore the stunning coastline and appreciate the island's beauty and now it seems our friends at  National Geographic Traveller magazine, and the UK's The Independent, The Sunday Times and Metro have got wind of it too. "Sea kayaking tours around the harbour island…
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Waiheke: Where sea kayaking and sculptures collide

Thinking of lazy sunny days on Waiheke? Why not make a day of it and combine our new Waiheke Coastal Kayak tour with  the headland Sculpture on the Gulf outdoor art exhibition? [caption id="attachment_1379" align="alignleft" width="605"] courtesy of headland Sculpture on the Gulf[/caption]                        If you were…
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5 things you didn’t know about Waiheke Island

We have just started our Waiheke Island Sea Kayak Tours and thought we should share some nuggets of Waiheke information with you! So here it is: Five things you didn’t know about Waiheke Island. Waiheke, in the Maori language, means cascading or ebbing water. The original Maori name for Waiheke was Te Motu-arai-roa, "the long sheltering island"…
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Fire on Brown’s Island: Update

Grass on Brown's Island is recovering well following the fire that blazed on the island.

Browns Island (Motukorea) is looking lush again and recovering well after more than 13 hectares of land on Auckland's Hauraki Gulf had been blackened by fire.

Firefighters were called to the pest-free reserve, which is also known as Motukorea, in November  after a woman, who was stranded on the island, lit a small fire to attract attention from passing boats but the fire soon got out of control due to winds.

Parts of the island, which is south of Rangitoto Island and about 5.5km from St Heliers in Auckland's eastern bays, were engulfed in flames following the accidental bush fire.

 Auckland Sea Kayaks is happy to report  that the Department of Conservation has said that no native trees or birds were burnt in the fire and that the flames did not reach the island's beaches - where native shorebirds including dotterel and oyster catchers nest.

It is home to Maori and European historic sites and artifacts, including remains of stoned-walled gardens that were still in use when the first Europeans visited the island in 1820.  Fortunately these historic sites were not affected by the fires and the island is on track to make a full recovery. Check out how good it’s looking from our photo taken last week on our half-day trip to the island.

No ferries travel to Browns Island, and access is restricted to private boats, seaplanes and sea kayaks. Brown's Island is managed by the Department of Conservation and Auckland Council.

Sit On Top kayak vs Sit In Kayak

What is the differences and advantages to a Sit on Top Kayak vs a Sit in Kayak? This is a question I get asked quite a bit so below is what I think are the advantages to each type of Kayak.  For fishing, scuba diving and surfing, I would recommend a Sit On Top. For…
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